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Titles The Beans Kicked Around Before Deciding on "LEXX: The Series" - Posted April 10, 2002

Top Things Not to Say to a Divine Assassin (contributed by nice_kai) - Posted February 28, 2002

His Divine Shadow's Hobbies (contributed by Guppy) - Posted February 21, 2002

Theories on Kai's Profession on Brunnis 2 (contributed by Stan790) - Posted February 14, 2002

Who was Prince Before He was Ruler of Fire? (contributed by Princess of Fire) - Posted February 4, 2002

Top Uses for an Ex-Divine Assassin (contributed by theFrey) - Posted January 28, 2002

Names for His Divine Shadow's Most Powerful Weapon of Destruction Before He Settled on LEXX (contributed by Stan790) - Posted January 14, 2002

Things 790 Can Do to Win Kai's "Heart" (contributed by XevZev) - Posted January 7, 2002

Things Various Lexx Characters Would Never Say - Posted December 10, 2001



Titles The Beans Kicked Around Before Deciding on "LEXX: The Series"


  1. Paull: The Therapy Substitute -- theFrey
  2. Studly Guys in Funny Hairdo's - Part 2 -- theFrey
  3. Bite Me, Showtime -- theFrey
  4. The Big Bug Thingy -- xevlexx
  5. Tweedle: Better Red than Dead -- Stan790
  6. Stan and Xev Comedy Hour -- Stan790
  7. Brace to Hart -- DUKE OF FIRE
  8. Dumb and Dead -- DUKE OF FIRE
  9. Grand Bio-Vizier Mantrid: An E! True Cluster Story -- Lord Mantrid
  10. An Arm-y of One -- Lord Mantrid
  11. Most Powerful Weapon of Destruction in the Two Universes: The Series -- Colonel Felgercarb
  12. Monty Cluster's Flying Mr. Happy -- Colonel Felgercarb
  13. A Bug's Life -- Wordsmith
  14. LEXX Men -- Wordsmith
  15. The Stanley H. Tweedle Show -- Wordsmith
  16. Two Guys, a Girl, and the Most Powerful Destructive Force in the Two Universes -- Wordsmith
  17. He's Still Dead, She Still Wants Him, and the Other Guy Still Can't Believe It -- Wordsmith
  18. Tales from a Big Bug that Could Swat You -- Wordsmith
  19. 790 Poetry Hour -- Wordsmith
  20. Stan, Stan, Only Stan -- Wordsmith
  21. The Dead Do Not Need Titles -- Wordsmith
  22. Rated LEXX (But this name was used for the special instead) -- Wordsmith
  23. Fun With Stan and Zev. And 790. And Kai. And LEXX. -- Wordsmith
  24. The Bug Strikes Back -- Wordsmith
  25. Return of the LEXX -- Wordsmith
  26. The LEXX Files -- Wordsmith
  27. Tales from a Parallel, wait. That's actually true, isn't it? -- McLeigh
  28. Star Whores -- DalekTek790
  29. Fractal Core: SG-1 -- DalekTek790
  30. LEXX: The Love Bug -- DalekTek790
  31. PAUL: The Series -- StormBorn
  32. The Big Bug Thing from Outer Space -- StormBorn
  33. Two Sexy Thangs and That Other Guy -- StormBorn
  34. Attack of the Lizard Woman! -- StormBorn
  35. The Love Slave, the Security Guard and the Dead Guy -- Wild Woman
  36. Tales from an Equidistant Universe -- Wild Woman
  37. Once Upon a Dragonfly -- Wild Woman
  38. Topless Space Sluts -- Wild Woman
  39. Star Trek - NOT! -- Wild Woman
  40. The Future Will Be No Better Than the Past -- Wild Woman
  41. The Future Sucks, Just Like Now! -- Wild Woman
  42. The More Technology We Have, the More Things Stay the Same -- Wild Woman
  43. Future Sucks -- Wild Woman
  44. The Kai Show -- Wild Woman
  45. Dead Man Walking (no, wait, hasn't that already been done?) -- Wild Woman
  46. Dead Man Killing -- Wild Woman
  47. Assassin Chic -- Wild Woman
  48. "A Bug's Life" tragically was taken. (aw, don't worry about it. If being unoriginal was a crime, I'd be Public Enemy Number One. -- ed.) -- Wild Woman
  49. The Three and a Half Musketeers -- Wild Woman
  50. My Penis is Bigger than Yours -- PeridotEyes
  51. Biggest Willie -- PeridotEyes
  52. The Life and Loves of 790 -- PeridotEyes
  53. Kai and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Wig Day -- PeridotEyes
  54. Two Men and a Babe -- NB1
  55. That Two Universes Show -- NB1
  56. I Love Xev -- NB1
  57. Far Out Scape -- NB1
  58. Who Wants to Be a Brunnen-G -- NB1
  59. It's a Wonderful LEXX -- NB1
  60. Kai's Hour of Dour -- Sarcasmagoria
  61. Assassins! ("Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do...") -- Sarcasmagoria
  62. Vlad About You -- Sarcasmagoria
  63. Honey, I Blew Up the Planet -- Sarcasmagoria
  64. Enter the Dragonfly -- Sarcasmagoria
  65. Four Weddings and 987 Gajillion Funerals -- Sarcasmagoria
  66. Night of the Living Little Mantrid One-Armed Things That Fly Around -- Sarcasmagoria
  67. I, Robot Head -- Sarcasmagoria


Top Things Not to Say to a Divine Assassin


  1. Yeah? You and what army...gurglerk -- theFrey
  2. So, ummm, this isn't going to hurt, is it? -- theFrey
  3. You know...that outfit makes you fat. -- theFrey
  4. So, how was your day, dear? Kill anybody interesting? -- theFrey
  5. Well, Mr. Dark and Deadly, do you think just once you could tell me something that the dead do do? -- theFrey
  6. Say, Mister, can you do "Walk the Dog" or "Around the World" with that thing? -- theFrey
  7. Kai, be a snooky-ookums and use your brace to get me that can on the top shelf? Urk...the...can...not....*gurgle* -- theFrey
  8. Go ahead, make my day -- theFrey
  9., Mr. Assassin, sir. do you like your job? How are the benefits? -- theFrey
  10. Geeze, pal. Could you come back later? The game just started. -- theFrey
  11. I don't care who you work for, Sir. In order to eliminate a citizen of Redtape II, you must fill out these forms and submit them in tripli...*thwack*...erk... -- theFrey
  12. You are so dead, man... -- Wordsmith
  13. I think you have split ends. -- Wordsmith
  14. How can I get one of those di-VINE outfits? -- Wordsmith
  15. Oh, was that your hairspray? Finders keepers, m'man. -- Wordsmith
  16. If I ever find that guy who keeps singing that "Vaiyo-a-O" song, I'm gonna kill him. -- Wordsmith
  17. Protoblood? What protoblood? *hic* -- Wordsmith
  18. "Use every man after his desert and who shall 'scape whipping?" Pah! What we need is justice! Do the crime, do the time, I say! -- Wordsmith
  19. You cannot stop me!! I am inVINcible!!! -- Wordsmith
  20. Your weapon? Well, I couldn't find the whisk, you see...and then it sort of slipped into the bowl...and I couldn't find it again...but of course it has to be somewhere in the souffle, right? No, don't touch that---! -- Wordsmith
  21. I traded your cryopod for these magic beans... -- Wordsmith
  22. Boy, you're really having a bad hair day, aren't you? -- StormBorn
  23. Waste somebody, Kai...c'mon, you know you want to. You really, really want to... -- StormBorn
  24. My back hurts. I think I need a brace--(zing)---YEOOOWWWW! -- StormBorn
  25. Stop! In the name of love! Before you break a heart... -- StormBorn
  26. Yeah? Well, yo' mama was a Cuisinart! -- StormBorn
  27. that outfit soooo does not compliment your skin and hair. -- Yayie
  28. Hey, Vlad's behind you. -- Stan790
  29. GOT YOUR NOSE! -- Stan790
  30. What's that on your shirt? GOTCHA!! -- Stan790
  31. Boy, are you ugly! -- Stan790
  32. You useless sack of putrid decaying flesh! -- Lord Mantrid
  33. Remember me? I'm Duke. -- DUKE OF FIRE
  34. You have a stupid haircut and your mama dresses you funny. -- anotherthurman
  35. Oooh, what's that thing on your wrist? -- anotherthurman
  36. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior? -- anotherthurman
  37. Can I get fries with that? -- Logan55
  38. Why is there a dead cat on your head? Oh, wait, that's your hair... -- Azaelian
  39. Are you the new lounge singer? -- Azaelian
  40. That hair -- is that a wig? -- Azaelian
  41. (gaping at his hair) "I've never seen so many split ends in my life!" -- Azaelian
  42. What, is that your only weapon? I was expecting something bigger. -- Azaelian
  43. Whose shadow? -- DalekTek790
  44. Ugh! What crawled up in YOU and died? -- Metallissa
  45. HEY...UGLY! -- xevlexx
  46. Oh, I'm sorry...I didn't know that was your face... -- ClusterLzrdXev
  47. I'm sorry, you looked cute from far away. -- Lyekka117
  48. Whew! Apparently the dead also do not use deodorant!" -- XevZev
  49. I must brace myself....NO NO, I DIDN'T MEAN...' *scree**THWACK!* -- PeridotEyes
  50. I wish I were dead...NOOOO! *scree**THWACK!* -- PeridotEyes
  51. Heeeey, Dollface! Howzabout you and me go back to my place and I have myself a cold one? -- Sarcasmagoria
  52. Dude, what's up with your hair? -- Sarcasmagoria
  53. You once said you remembered liking strong women. Well, there's a blonde in fetish gear outside, and she really wants to see you. -- Sarcasmagoria
  54. Suck it up, girly man! The dead do not get out of latrine duty on my watch! -- Sarcasmagoria
  55. I just bet my buddy twenty bucks that your brace thingie isn't real. -- Sarcasmagoria
  56. Oh, pul-LEEZE! The whole Goth look is so five minutes ago! -- Sarcasmagoria



His Divine Shadow's Hobbies


  1. He liked to play with Barbie Dolls - Yayie
  2. He enjoyed having many erotic nights with Mantrid and his drone arms. -- Yayie
  3. Trying to cut the balls off a Class 4 security guard. -- Stan790
  4. Watching Phantasm (he loves Phantasm. The bad guy always wins!) -- Stan790
  5. Making me build drones day in and DAY out! -- Lord Mantrid
  6. He's an avid fan of NASCLUSTER racing. He just loves Lizard Petty. -- DUKE OF FIRE
  7. Designing really extreme hairdos for his Divine Executioners. -- theFrey
  8. Submitting scripts for the Cartoon Network's childrens series called "Pinky and the Divine Ancestor." -- theFrey
  9. Making fun of Martha Stewart, oh wait, that's my hobby. -- theFrey
  10. Knitting, cross stitch, quilting... -- xevlexx
  11. He has a secret obsession with cat shows. -- xevlexx
  12. Trying to decide whether he's an homage to Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine. -- Sarcasmagoria
  13. Influencing the decisions of Sci-Fi Channel programming executives. -- Sarcasmagoria
  14. Skeet shooting. Xanthor "Skeet" Protopi (Argon's brother) was a Class 2 security guard until that fateful day... -- Sarcasmagoria
  15. Dreaming up plots for network sitcoms. Now you know who to blame for "Yes, Dear." -- Sarcasmagoria



Theories on Kai's Profession on Brunnis 2


  1. Kai was a stripper. He was fired, though, when he refused to get "butt naked and wild" with the screaming women. He became a hairdresser afterward. -- sathena
  2. A really unsuccessful lounge singer. I mean really, the boy has no repertoire. -- theFrey
  3. An assistan principal on the fast track to greater things. He definitely had the "Do Not's" down pat. -- theFrey
  4. A waiter at the Thud-Muffin coffee house and cafe. -- theFrey
  5. An unsuccessful Act-Tor, which would explain his hostility toward Actor Kai, who at least got a grant. -- theFrey
  6. Male escort, oh wait...the topic is what was he, not what we wish he was. Sorry. My bad. -- theFrey
  7. Kai was a self-absorbed actor on an obscure Sci-Fi cable program who is now blocking all memory of Season Three, er, I mean his former life. -- theFrey
  8. With that outfit and the big button on his chest, I'd say Traffic Cop. -- StormBorn
  9. A mime. He used to pass out balloons at carnivals. -- StormBorn
  10. Brunnen G had jobs?! What's the point of living forever if you have to have a job? -- StormBorn
  11. He was a Playgirl centerfold and was also Mr. March in the calendar. -- Michele Christensen
  12. Hairdresser, but of course! -- gobagirl
  13. Poster boy for the evils of tanning beds. -- gobagirl
  14. A hairdresser. I mean come on, not everyone could do their hair like that! -- ClusterLzrdXev
  15. (Some girls might wish) He could've been a male stripper. -- ClusterLzrdXev
  16. Obviously he was a beautician. How else could he keep that bun so flawless without hairspray? -- Azaelian
  17. The guy who cuts bread. -- Stan790
  18. A bad orthodontist (didn't you see his one brace?) -- Stan790
  19. He was a TV star. he was in a show kinda like "MacGyver," only Kai killed people ("KaiGyver" got higher ratings, too!) -- Stan790
  20. He thought up the Brunnen G's one liners. -- darkcrow23
  21. Hairdresser. -- xevlexx
  22. I still say he was a prostitute. -- xevlexx
  23. Whatever his profession, he did it intensely. -- anotherthurman
  24. Harpooner on  whaling vessel (he has fond memories of fishing, after all.) -- Wordsmith
  25. Hairdresser (duh!) -- Wordsmith
  26. Chippendale -- Wordsmith
  27. Purveyor of folk remedies. "Bald spot? Just apply a dead cat." -- Wordsmith
  28. Pony Express rider. He carried messages on slips of paper hidden in his hair. -- Wordsmith
  29. Living mannequin (oh, the cruel irony of fate!) -- Wordsmith
  30. Exterminator. "Specializing in Insects and Other Pests that Lurk in Shadows." -- Wordsmith
  31. Kai was a champion Chess player. Even after he was dead. -- DUKE OF FIRE
  32. He was Mantrid's bitch. -- Lord Mantrid
  33. I don't know, but he would have been a great addition to our Cylon Empire. Cutting Colonial Warriors to ribbons, A GOOD THING! -- Col. Felgercarb
  34. Professional traffic stopper. -- Sarcasmagoria
  35. Swivel-hipped rock star and teen idol with the nom de plume "El'viss." He retired but kept the hairdo. -- Sarcasmagoria
  36. Fashion Police Enforcer-In-Training. -- Sarcasmagoria



Who was Prince Before He was Ruler of Fire?


  1. J. Edgar Hoover -- PeridotEyes
  2. Richard Milhous Nixon -- PeridotEyes
  3. A disgruntled postal worker -- PeridotEyes
  4. An incredibly evil ancient vampire who was a Roman general before he was brought across. -- PeridotEyes
  5. Blonde Club for Men: He's not only the owner, he's also a client! -- xevlexx
  6. Ruler of "Sex City" -- SBFH22
  7. Enron accounting executive -- Amyzon
  8. Used car salesman -- Amyzon
  9. Microsoft marketing executive -- Amyzon
  10. Loan shark -- Amyzon
  11. Pope -- Amyzon
  12. Gene Roddenberry (the guy in the red uniform must die!) -- DalekTek790
  13. A really well trained Alaskan Husky who dreamed one day of being top dog in a really, really warm place. -- theFrey
  14. Chief fry cook at The Sizzler -- theFrey
  15. An IRS agent. He did keep their credo of punishing people who have made bad choices on their deduction declarations. Oh, and sometimes the good, too, just because he can. -- theBrother
  16. A bad musician -- Stan790
  17. Yottskry, but they got Nigel because Malcolm is now too expensive. -- Stan790
  18. A used car salesman -- Stan790
  19. Head of the ATF (remember what the Time Prophet says about the future being the past?) (good point! -- Ed.) -- Stan790
  20. Didn't you know? He was always Prince of Fire, dammit! -- Duke of Fire
  21. Well, he worked the power plants until the former ruler went missing. I was more qualified, but NOOOO!!! They picked the white haired one. THE EVIL RULER ALWAYS HAS WHITE HAIR!!!! -- Duke of Fire
  22. A useless sack of putrid decaying flesh. -- Lord Mantrid
  23. How should I know? I was only in one episode of season 3! -- Lord Mantrid
  24. John Ashcroft -- Sarcasmagoria
  25. John Milton's muse -- Sarcasmagoria
  26. Tabloid reporter. Nah, even Prince isn't THAT nasty. -- Sarcasmagoria
  27. "They" in "that's what they say." -- Sarcasmagoria
  28. The evil spirit that steals one sock from each load of laundry in the dryer, leaving you with a sock that has no mate. -- Sarcasmagoria
  29. Inventor of the "secret sauce" on Big Macs. -- Sarcasmagoria
  30. The real Slim Shady -- Sarcasmagoria



Top Uses for an Ex-Divine Assassin

  1. Fine Art. Kai would add instant visual interest to any room. - theFrey
  2. Code Enforcement - A virutally unstopable agent, especially since he doesn't eat, so he would never fear being fired for writing up a city council man's slum lord brother-in-law. - theFrey
  3. Persuading your English teacher you really did deserve an A on that last essay. -- lexxkitten6779
  4. Hurl him at the bad guys and run like Hell. -- StormBorn
  5. Massage-on-demand...oooh! -- StormBorn
  6. Rent him out to picked-upon adolescents. -- StormBorn
  7. He slices! He dices! Take that, Juiceman! -- StormBorn
  8. As an interesting accessory for your Goth home decor. -- StormBorn
  9. To keep my bed cool on those hot summer nights. Yeah, baby! -- Aurora
  10. Breadcutter. -- Stan790
  11. Coat rack. -- Stan790
  12. Speed bump at Macy's -- Stan790
  13. Jehovah's Witness repellent. -- Stan790
  14. Alternative to blow up love doll -- Stan790
  15. Ad: "It slices, it dices, it kills pesky door-to-door's the Ex-Divine Assassin 500! And if you act now, you can receive a free cryopod while supplies last." -- XevBellringerB3K
  16. Sex toy, of course -- xevlexx
  17. Eye candy -- xevlexx
  18. Just stand there and look pretty -- xevlexx
  19. Joke tester: "So then the rabbi says 'but I wasn't even wearing any pants!'" "The dead do not laugh."...Okay, maybe not. -- Sarcasmagoria
  20. Sworn defender of the small and awkward in high schools across the land: "Who's a pussy now, Punk?! Kai, give this one a swirlie." -- Sarcasmagoria
  21. Sewing  buddy: "Kai, could you cut this thread for me, please? Thanks, Dollface." -- Sarcasmagoria
  22. Rubbing my feet and feeding me chocolate. ;-> -- Sarcasmagoria


Names for His Divine Shadow's Most Powerful Weapon of Destruction Before He Settled on LEXX

  1. Willie -- theFrey
  2. The Divine Jewels -- theFrey
  3. HDS Winky -- theFrey
  4. Mine -- theFrey
  5. Big Shooty Thing - but then when the laughing died down (due to the immediate cleansing of his general staff), HDS decided that this name wasn't quite what he was going for. -- theBrother
  6. It was supposed to be "The Tick," but he couldn't get licensing rights. -- StormBorn
  7. Final Fantasy MMLVI -- StormBorn
  8. Fido -- StormBorn
  9. The Death Mobile! -- Azaelian
  10. Blow Up Machine -- Stan790
  11. Death Star (HDS got sued for copyright infringement) -- Stan790
  12. Paul -- Stan790
  13. Democrat Converter -- Stan790
  14. The Alan Parson's Project -- Stan790
  15. BOOM!!!!! -- Stan790
  16. Horatio the Really, Really Big Bug -- mellearyx
  17. The Enron Valdez -- Aurora
  18. The SS It's a Dragonfly, Dammit! Get Yer Mind Out of the Gutter! -- Sarcasmagoria
  19. The Cock n' Balls of Doom -- Sarcasmagoria
  20. Geraldine -- Sarcasmagoria
  21. The Osama -- Sarcasmagoria


Things 790 Can Do to Win Kai's "Heart"


  1. Take a vow of silence. - theFrey
  2. Reprogram the moth breeders to wash and style Kai's hair. -- theFrey
  3. Talk Stan into upholstering the cryopod for Kai. -- theFrey
  4. Develop and talk LEXX into producing a really killer hair gel. -- theFrey
  5. Find a way to reprogram Xev to lust after Stan and give poor Kai a break. -- theFrey
  6. The dead do not have...(sorry, had to say "the dead do not") -- Hypatia
  7. Offer to clean his brace. -- Hypatia
  8. "Look at this brace warmer I made you, Kai. I made it with my own brain chunk." -- Stan790
  9. (Brings Kai a human heart) "Happy Valentine's Day, Creamy Cadaver!" -- Stan790
  10. "Hey, I got you a surprise. Necro-Viagra!!" -- Stan790
  11. "They say imitation is a sign of flattery. So I got my hair done just like yours. Well, I did kill someone to get it, but WHO CARES!!" -- Stan790
  12. "Xev says your brace isn't big enough, but it's big enough for me." -- Stan790
  13. "You know, the mainframe uplink on the bottom of me isn't just for wires." (*SNARF!* -- Ed.) -- Stan790
  14. "All night by the Kai, Kai, All night by the Kai I did stare. As he whispered 'dead do nots' to Xev, Man, I hope she gets mauled by a bear!" -- Stan790
  15. Buy him a new can of "Brace Polish -- The best for your oh-so-important weapon of destruction. Don't delay! Order Today!" -- Azaelian
  16. Enhance his image by getting a good ole polish with his jar of rust and grime remover. -- Azaelian
  17. Drive away all the lice on Kai's suit by belting out Britney Spears songs." -- Azaelian
  18. Buy Kai that tanning bed he keeps eyeing. -- Azaelian
  19. Tell Kai who used up the last of his Herbal Essence Conditioning Treatment. -- Azaelian
  20. 790 should get a tattoo on his face. That way, he and Kai match! -- Azaelian
  21. him a heart first? -- StormBorn
  22. Build him a heart-shaped cryopod for Valentine's Day? -- Jack
  23. "Hey, Baby! I promise I won't call anyone else a slut or a bitch!" -- Nika
  24. "I won't bother you!" -- Nika
  25. "I'll shut up for once!" -- Nika
  26. Hurl himself into a volcano after filletting Celine Dion with a plastic ruler. Waitaminnit, this was supposed to go under "Things We Really Want 790 to Do." My bad. -- Sarcasmagoria



Things Various LEXX Characters Would Never Say


  1. Beam me up, Scotty -- Michele Christensen
  2. Kai (in a low, husky voice): Take me, Xev. Take me now! -- theFrey
  3. Kai: Cut it all off, Xev, I just can't take any more of this d*** bun. I want a buzz cut! -- theFrey
  4. Kai (turning to try and look behind himself): Stan, does this outfit make me look fat? -- theFrey
  5. Xev: Sure, Stan, let's get it on right now. -- theFrey
  6. MM: Aw, come on Paul! Please, just one more season! -- theFrey
  7. Stan: Ummm, not tonight, Xev. I have a headache. -- theFrey
  8. 790: You know, Stanley, I was wrong about you. You really are a great guy. -- theFrey
  9. Xev: I'm saving myself for marriage. -- DalekTek790
  10. Time Prophet: Actually, that was something of a mistake on my part. It's really a straight line. -- DalekTek790
  11. Stan: I think we can settle this problem in a way that will be beneficial to all parties, human and otherwise. This is a situation that requires careful though. It is important that we consider all the possibilities before any action is taken. -- DalekTek790
  12. Kai: Ah, screw this! Just blow up the damn planet. The sooner the LEXX gets some planet chunks to eat, the sooner we can head off to Nimbus 9. I call blondes and cannibals! -- DalekTek790
  13. Xev: Stanley H. Tweedle, I have never loved anyone more than you, so let's get naked! -- Stan790
  14. LEXX: And Prince's heart grew three times bigger that day... -- Stan790
  15. Mantrid: I destroyed a universe, but I didn't inhale. --Stan790
  16. Stan: You know, 790, Kai is kinda hot. -- Stan790
  17. Honestly, it's 790 keeping his mouth shut that will never happen. -- Stan790
  18. Kai: I can't take it anymore. I want you, Xev! Take me! -- xevlexx
  19. LEXX: Well, that was obvious! -- xevlexx
  20. "Look, I think of you as a friend and don't want things to change." -- Stan -- Hypatia
  21. "True love waits" -- Xev (scary thought!) -- Hypatia
  22. 790: Oh, Stan! You are the man of my dreams! -- comics_k
  23. Mantrid: I never destroyed the universe! I never destroyed the universe! -- Guppy
  24. Kai: I want my mommy! -- Azaelian
  25. 790: All night by the Stan, Stan/All night by the Stan I did cheer/ As he glared with sweet anger at Xev-bitch/While jamming Kai's brace in her ear -- Azaelian
  26. Kai (sitting on Santa's lap): The dead want a new brace for Christmas -- Azaelian
  27. Kai: Save me, Stanley! -- Azaelian
  28. Kai: I pity the fool who uses my AquaNet -- Azaelian
  29. Prince: Whoops! Sorry about that. -- Princess of Fire
  30. LEXX: I'm afraid I can't do that, Stan -- Sarcasmagoria
  31. Prince: Sometimes I just need a hug. -- Sarcasmagoria
  32. Bunny: Not now, Mr. President. I want to finish this chapter on quantum physics. -- Sarcasmagoria
  33. Bunny: Ooh! I LOVE that turtleneck and knee-length A-line skirt combo! Does it come in earth tones? -- Sarcasmagoria
  34. 790: Why Stan, you look absolutely STUNNING! Have you lost weight? -- Sarcasmagoria
  35. Priest: Blow it out your ass, Prince. -- Sarcasmagoria
  36. Kai: Sheesh! Who do I look like, Bruce Frickin' Willis?! You got yourself into this mess, you can get yourself out of it! -- Sarcasmagoria




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