LEXX Web Graphics by Rhoni

Source of the LEXX graphic on the home page, as well as other cool LEXX themed Web art.



I'm glad to be Sad. Home of the Sadhoo Sci-Fi Portal.

Two Universes - The Ultimate Guide to LEXX Online

The name says it all. If a LEXX site isn't featured here, chances are it doesn't exist.


Fun Stuff

The Cryopod

The official home page of the Kai Estrogen Brigade. Read fan fiction and episode transcripts, feast your naked, steaming eyes on Tim Wellman's excellent vidcaps or help yourself to a Manly Stanley. Don't take my word for it, check it out!

Hangin' With Michael McManus

theFrey's LEXXian humor site. Home of the famous Kai Komic Kaption Kontest and the Kai Klones.


Off Topic, but Interesting

Coming soon!


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