Topic for Week Ending May 24, 2002


The Rest of That Sentence Kai Never Got To Finish in "Giga Shadow": "Farewell, Zev, My..." - contributed by Wordsmith)

  1. are standing on my hand. -- Amyzon
  2. My...butt is freezing! -- StormBorn
  3. is passing before my eyes. This could take a while... -- StormBorn
  4. -- Squish -- take care of him for me! -- StormBorn
  5. My...will is inside my bun. -- StormBorn
  6. needs picked up on Wednesday, and please find a good home for Squish. -- theFrey
  7. is covered in Proto-Snot isn't it? Damn. -- theFrey
  8., please, please take care of my fans. -- theFrey
  9., please please take care of my fans. I suggest an Uzi. (Season 4 version) -- theFrey
  10. My...God, woman! Are you aware of how much shows when you crouch down like that? -- theFrey
  11. My...God, woman! Don't you ever comb your hair? -- theFrey
  12. My...thingy that plays with my thingy! -- Yayie
  13. My...sweet crossdresser that lets me dress her up in Stan's sexy red suit and His Shadow's sultry attire. -- Yayie
  14. way ticket out of impotency!! -- Stan790
  15. (Michael forgot his lines here. He remembered them right until Eva leaned over.) -- Lord Mantrid
  16. My...beloved brace cleaner. -- DUKE OF FIRE
  17. My...heart goes out to you (reaches into his chest and rips out his 6000 year old dead heart). (I just got a visual. COOL!! -- Ed.) -- DUKE OF FIRE
  18. sssweet preciousssss...what, is that Lord of the Rings? I'm sorry, honestly, can we take that again? -- tommen
  19. is too...heavy...ack...! *falls down* -- Metallissa
  20. My...mother told me there'd be days like this. -- Wordsmith
  21. My...Cluster lizard isn't housebroken yet, but you'll adopt and train him, won't you? -- Wordsmith
  22. My...goodness you have bad breath! -- Wordsmith
  23. My...library books are overdue. Beware the Library Police! (Good Stephen King reference! -- Ed.) -- Wordsmith
  24.! I didn't realize you don't wear underwear! -- Wordsmith
  25. My...mother had a saying. "Babe," she used to say -- (she called me Babe) -- "Babe," she used to say, "treat every hour as though it's your last." I never listened to my mother. [With apologies to Colin Baker and whoever wrote Blake's 7 "City at the Edge of the World"] -- Wordsmith
  26. is holding! Cool! -- Wordsmith
  27. My...warranty hasn't expired yet. You can still get me fixed free of charge. -- Wordsmith
  28. My...God, they killed Kai! You bastards! -- Wordsmith
  29. My...mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Giga Shadow... -- Wordsmith
  30. My...only regret is that I didn't bang the crap out of you when I had the chance!!! -- NB1
  31. My...dol will help those cramps, my darling!! -- NB1
  32., Miss American Pie, drove my Zevie to the levy but the levy was dry, then good old Stan looked my right in the eye and said, "this will be the day that you die..." -- NB1
  33., my sweet, my only one... -- NB1
  34. My...bologna's got a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R... -- NB1
  35. My...crotch!! You're standing*passes out* -- Metallissa
  36. My...suit is -- DarkXevB3K
  37. spray the top...drawer...don't much... -- DarkXevB3K
  38. [Had to put it. Gotta have SOME romance] -- DarkXevB3K
  39. My...little woogie boogie schnoogie oogums! -- Sarcasmagoria
  40. is unzipped. Could you help me out? I wanna die with some dignity. -- Sarcasmagoria
  41., my, you really DO have a nice rack! -- Sarcasmagoria
  42., my, my, my SHARONA! Hey, I just wrote a song! Grab me a pen, wouldya? -- Sarcasmagoria



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