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Other Things the Dead Do Not Do (contributed by theFrey) -- Posted November November 26, 2001

Ways in which Kai and Stan can "Male bond." (Contributed by StormBorn) - Posted November 14, 2001

Top Ways in Which TV/Movie Characters Could (and Should) Be More Lexxy (Lexxish?) (Contributed by Aurora) - Posted October 29, 2001

Decrees Issued by Pope Giggerotta (Contributed by Aurora) - Posted October 22, 2001

Top Things Kai is Thinking When Zev/Xev Kisses Him (Contributed by theFrey) -- Posted October 15, 2001

Speeches Kai Practiced Before Settling on "I've Killed Mothers With Their Babies..." posted October 8, 2001

Campaign Slogans for His Divine Shadow - Posted October 1, 2001

Jerry Springer-worthy Scenarios for Kai, Xev and Stan (contributed by Poe) - Posted September 22, 2001

Nicknames for Kai (topic contributed by StormBorn) - Posted September 7, 2001

Things Kai Should Wear (Special drooler edition, contributed by Lightning) - Posted August 31, 2001




Other Things the Dead Do Not Do


  1. The dead do not do needlepoint, although Kai's brace makes a dandy crochet hook, which helps him in keeping his outfit in good repair. -- theFrey

  2. The dead do not share their hair care products or tips. (Want proof? See Xev's mop.) -- theFrey

  3. The dead do not like being laughed at in piano bars in Newfoundland. -- theFrey

  4. The dead do not do anything they do not want to do at any particular moment. (So much for having no wants! Huh.) -- theFrey

  5. The dead do not bring joy to the life of their petulant principal. -- theFrey

  6. The dead do not take teddy bears into the cryopod with them. (But is it just me, or does Kai's outfit look suspiciously like woven strips of an old security blanket?) -- theFrey

  7. Clean the LEXX toilets. Although they've been known to crawl through 'em. -- JLS

  8. For having no emotions, the dead seem to look pissed a lot. -- xevlexx

  9. "No, the dead do not cater Bar Mitzvahs. You have the wrong number." -- Hypatia

  10. "No, Xev, the dead do not tell him you're not here. Find some other way to break up." -- Hypatia

  11. The dead do not walk around in skin tight leather pants and no shirt. -- ClusterLzrdXev

  12. The dead do not vote. (Though even if I were alive, I still wouldn't have voted for Reginald J. Priest.) -- Stan790

  13. The dead do not breathe. (If that's the case, why could he whistle for a moth in season 3?) -- Stan790

  14. The dead do not spit (if you remember last week's list). -- Stan790

  15. The dead do not use hair gel. (It's hairspray all the way!) -- XevZev

  16. The dead do not think about acting. (Instead, we kill annoying actors, such as Carrot Top.) -- XevZev

  17. The dead do not feel. (But we DO feel UP, if you get my point.) -- XevZev

  18. The dead do not do the Hokey Pokey. -- XevZev

  19. The dead do not scream for ice cream. -- XevZev

  20. The dead do not watch Disney animations. -- XevZev

  21. The dead do not like green eggs and ham. -- Sarcasmagoria

  22. The dead do not dance the Hootchie Koo. -- Sarcasmagoria

  23. The dead do not sleep in the subway, darlin'. -- Sarcasmagoria


Ways in Which Kai and Stan Can "Male Bond"


  1. Take a few moths and go cruising for chicks. -- theFrey
  2. Kai can teach stan how to style hair. This would make Stan more popular with the chicks, since everyone just loves their hairdresser. And Kai obviously knows more than a few Brunnen-G tricks on getting volume and lift in a 'do. -- theFrey
  3. Kai and Stan could go bungie jumping using Kai's brace. -- theFrey
  4. Kai and Stan could go bird hunting, Stan could flush out the game and Kai could hit it with his brace. -- theFrey
  5. Kai and Stan could build a tree house up in the bridge of the LEXX and hang up a sign saying "No Gurls or Lyzards Allowed!" -- theFrey
  6. Kai and Stan could go cruising for a nice looking girl on the arm of an ugly dude. Then Kai can take out the ugly dud and Stan could get a date. -- theBrother
  7. They can toss 790 around in a riveting game of touch football. -- Amyzon
  8. Bar - "Pattern all around." -- Hypatia of B3K
  9. Strip Club - "Stan, for me sex is an intellectual concept only. You can shove the $20 down her G-string." -- Hypatia of B3K
  10. Fishing - "Oh, you shoulda seen the one that got away!" *thwwwpt* "Stan, that is a tiny blue gill." -- Hypatia of B3K
  11. Kai convinces Stan to get rid of the hat and adopt a bouffant. They spend time fixing each other's hair. -- Hypatia of B3K
  12. Watch Kim cough up two World Series games. -- MistSoldier
  13. I guess having a threesome with Xev is out, huh? -- StormBorn
  14. "Here, Kai. Take a hit of this." "The dead do not inhale, Stan." -- StormBorn
  15. They compare "equipment"? -- StormBorn
  16. In a touching moment, Stan lets Kai wear his hat. -- StormBorn
  17. After Stan touches Kai's brace, Kai cradles Stan's rock (I gotsta stay away from the water LOL) -- Stan790
  18. Trade hairstyles! -- XevZev
  19. Get to know each other over protoblood lattes. -- XevZev
  20. Cry together while watching "Old Yeller" -- XevZev
  21. They could have a contest to see who can hawk the biggest loogie over the side of the bridge. -- Sarcasmagoria
  22. The could grab a moth and play chicken with a B-2 bomber. -- Sarcasmagoria
  23. Kai sweet talks 790 into getting the WWF Pay-Per-View special on the LEXX's view screen. They crack open a few beers and cheer on "The Rock." -- Sarcasmagoria


Top Ways in Which TV/Movie Characters Could (and Should) Be More Lexxy (Lexxish?)


  1. Carrot Top should be dead - and not reincarnated -- xevlexx

  2. Angel - bun, braid and forelock. Let's see if it works for all darkly handsome, brooding dead guys or just Kai. -- Aurora

  3. Willow and Tara dress totally Goth. They form a threesome with Spike, with Willow as the dominatrix. -- Aurora

  4. From Will & Grace: "Grace, obviously you are hot and sultry, but I am gay, and for me sex with a woman is not even an intellectual concept" -- Jade

  5. Norm Abrams shaves off his beard and grows a forelock instead. -- StormBorn

  6. HGTV's Extreme Homes visits the LEXX. Heck, HGTV's Bed and Bath Design visits the LEXX! -- StormBorn

  7. Kai is the musical guest on SNL, Leno and Letterman. -- StormBorn

  8. The next season of Survivor strands eight contestants on Klaagya. -- StormBorn

  9. The angels of Touched by an Angel start dressing in black and carrying braces. "Do good or <thwap!>" -- StormBorn

  10. All starships in the Federation fleet get a makeover from former Bio-Viziers. -- StormBorn

  11. Mickey Mouse could be an assassin mouse and kill other mice for the Divine Mouse while making it with Minnie Mouse (A Love Slave mouse programmed for pleasure), or is that too Lexxish? (One can never be too Lexxish! -- Ed.) -- Kai from Lexx

  12. I often wondered what it would be like for LEXX to meet Voyager, two ships both with advantages over the other, and both completely different in almost all aspects. I think that would be interesting to say the least. (But the most important question is: would Stan get some nooky from Capt. Janeway? -- Ed.) -- Prince of Fire

  13. Regis wants to shag Kelly, but Kelly is repulsed by Regis. The dead one will be played by Frank Gifford. -- Stan790

  14. A movie starring Arnold Schwartzenegger where he plays a creature that is not a person or alive and there is a chick that kids butt and there is an enemy like Arnold but is more powerful and better. (Oh. There already is one. HAHAHA!!!!) (Hee! I say this with love, Stan790, but you're not supposed to drink the bongwater. ;-) -- Ed.) -- Stan790

  15. After the LEXX blows up Earth, the theme from Battlestar Galactica starts playing as it drops out of warp speed and sees that they blow up Earth. Oh, and Cylons will be on their tail and the LEXX could settle on the Colony of 12 Ruins. -- Stan790

  16. Girls should wear Cluster lizard costumes, hot guys wear black Brunnen-G costumes, and old ugly guys should wear Security Guard Class 4 hats. -- ClusterLzrdXev

  17. Travel around in moths. -- ClusterLzrdXev

  18. Put a bun and braid on Jennifer Anniston, and I guarantee that every mall rat in America will copy the look a week later. -- Sarcasmagoria

  19. Sam Donaldson is already Lexxy in a Kai sort of way...after all, he's got really goofy hair and he looks embalmed. -- Sarcasmagoria

  20. Put a red jumpsuit on Larry King. Something has to be done to ensure that he never, ever, ever has sex again. Ever. -- Sarcasmagoria

  21. Jennifer Love Hewitt, J-Lo, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tom Green (among others) can be more Lexxy by selflessly donating themselves to the Protein Bank. -- Sarcasmagoria

  22. NBC's short-lived but highly regarded buddy sitcom: Two Guys, a Girl and a Bug Ship -- Sarcasmagoria


Decrees Issued by Pope Giggerotta

  1. I hereby decree that the Beans shall be imprisoned in the Electropolis Studios until such time as they produce fifteen completed Season Five episodes. And should the beautiful, petulant, pouty one refuse to extend his option, he shall be sentenced to be the keynote speaker at twelve conventions a year unto eternity! -- theFrey

  2. Love thy neighbor, unless you can't stand them. In which case, eat them. -- Jade

  3. From this day on, the Mass shall be celebrated naked. -- irini

  4. All churches will get rid of those sad crucifixes and put the new St. Kai statues. -- irini

  5. All parishioners will attend services in orange security jumpsuits with those cute little hats. -- irini

  6. I am the Pope, you may kiss my ring then kiss my ass. -- irini

  7. Xev holy cards with the 500 days of indulgence are now available. -- irini

  8. I, Giggerotta, the new Pope, declare necrophilia a sacrament. -- irini

  9. Lent has been cancelled. -- irini

  10. Public flagellation is the new punishment for wearing too many clothes. -- irini

  11. Beginning next Easter, human sacrifice will take place on Easter Sunday morning. The lucky lambs will be chosen by yours truly. So don't piss me off. -- irini

  12. Out with the Stations of the Cross, in with the Stations of the LEXX. My personal favorite: the tongue toilet. Anyone wishing to leave a donation is welcome. -- irini

  13. Drinks and those cute tiny little pizzas will be served in the sacristy behind the altar. -- irini

  14. Attention everyone!! I shall replace Lent with Cannibal Day!!! -- Stan790

  15. MMM! Humans. The Other White Meat. Oh, is this a decree? Well! You go make one yourself. I am busy eating Stanley's hand. Bring me more barbecue sauce!!! -- Stan790

  16. All must get "giggy" with it. Sorry, couldn't resist! (Oh, but resisting temptation is so boring! -- Ed.) -- Hypatia Of B3K

  17. Pope Giggerotta checks that "Donation of Constantine" thing out, but it wasn't a donation of a guy named Constantine. -- Hypatia Of B3K 

  18. Spice Girls invited to sing Mass. -- Hypatia of B3K

  19. Human sacrifices will become a regular part of each Mass. Oh, and don't forget the Church Supper afterward. Save your fork! -- Sarcasmagoria

  20. From this day forward, the Holy Eucharist shall be the body and blood of Chris. -- Sarcasmagoria

  21. Hey, St. Malachy! I got yer Papal Predictions right here! -- Sarcasmagoria



Top Things Kai is Thinking When Zev/Xev Kisses Him 

  1. Let's see...I've gotta get the cryopod dusted...touch up my 'do...make sure my brace gets oiled...Good lord, is this woman never going to come up for air?!? -- theFrey

  2. Beige, I think I'll paint the ceiling beige. -- Logan55

  3. The Dead do not French. -- StormBorn

  4. B3K girls are easy. -- Hypatia of B3K

  5. Damn codpiece, how do I take this thing off? -- Hypatia of B3K

  6. The dead do not enjoy having the roof of their mouth licked. -- Hypatia of B3K

  7. The dead do not experience...HEY! I thought up a new line! -- Hypatia of B3K

  8. Hmm, mousse or spray? Mousse or spray? -- Hypatia of B3K

  9. So I've been working for a bug for the last 2008 years... -- Hypatia of B3K

  10. The dead do not get randy -- Stan790

  11. WOW!! This thing works after 6000 years! -- Stan790

  12. Interesting, Xev wants me to suck poison out of her again. But why is the poison on the tongue? -- Stan790

  13. I am still dead. But I am sensing an unfamiliar sense of motivation. -- Kai From Lexx

  14. How do I tell her I'm really attracted to dragonflies and the men who tame them? -- mellearyx

  15. OK, we need selenium for Stan, old brains and ham, cute little bunnies for Lyekka, for 790's car a spare tyre, toothpaste for Xev and a loaf of bread. Hmm, that's about it. Oh, and definitely some breathmints! -- mellearyx

  16. Eeew! Lizard germs! -- mellearyx

  17. Should I tell her she has lizard lips? -- Paine

  18. I kill you now in the name of His Divine Shadow. (Damn, she must be a lousy kisser! -- Ed.) -- I Am Vlad

  19. She's got a tongue like a Cluster lizard and likes the taste of a dead man's tonsils. Woof! (thanks, Lord Flashheart) -- uberfrosch

  20. I hope she won't muss my hair. -- ClusterLzrdXev

  21. Oh...yeah...Ah!! are dead, you are dead...MAN! WHY DO I GOTTA BE DEAD!? -- ClusterLzrdXev

  22. Mmm...mmm...being dead sure feels good. -- ClusterLzrdXev

  23. Wait a minute...the dead don't am I thinking...MAN SHE'S MESSING WITH MY MIND! -- ClusterLzrdXev

  24. Wellll, somebody's quite the little garlic lover, isn't she? -- Sarcasmagoria

  25. Hey, if she keeps doing that thing with her hands she's gonna find out why they call me "The Stiff!" -- Sarcasmagoria



Speeches Kai Practiced Before Settling on "I've Killed Mothers with Their Babies..."

  1. His Divine Shadow says "Hey! Have a nice day. 'Twappt!'" -- theBrother

  2. You don't know me, but I'm dead...and now you're going to be, too. -- theFrey

  3. I have killed...well, quite a lot of people, but why dwell on that? You're history, buddy. -- theFrey

  4. Yo, pal! His Divineness is way totally pissed at you. Sorry, dude, but I'm gonna have to waste ya. -- theFrey

  5. I have killed mothers with their babies, and lady, let me tell you, if you don't shut that kid of yours up right now, you two are next! -- theFrey

  6. I have done this in the service of His Divine Shadow and his predecessors, and I have never once shown any...mercy. Oh, all right, if you must know, I did show mercy once. But it was just that one time...and she was this incredibly talented beautician...and I was having a really bad hair day and she had this really great setting gel that she said I just had to try..." -- theFrey

  7. It took me hours to fix my hair just so I could kill you in I wouldn't run if I were you 'cause I might not be nice about it. -- ClusterLzrdXev

  8. I did have a speech...but I forgot it, so bye-bye -- ClusterLzrdXev

  9. Kai's "rap" speech: "You're going down, yeah, down in flames, I be kickin' ass and takin' names. Word." -- 790

  10. Kai's copyright violation speech: "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die." -- 790

  11. "To be, or not to be" - what kind of a question is that? *screeeeeee* *thwack* -- Logan55

  12. I've killed politician's with their hookers... -- Stan790

  13. I've driven too slow in the fast lane, I've talked loudly about my surgeries in public. -- Hypatia

  14. Call me Kai. Some time ago... -- Hypatia

  15. The original speech, deep-sixed by FarScape-lovin' SciFi execs began, "I've killed Muppets with their masters..." -- Aurora

  16. I've got a family of voles living in my bun and I'm kinda cranky..." -- Aurora

  17. I've killed people, lots of people. Even my boss! -- nice kai

  18. I'm siiiinging in the rain...*skreee* *thwack!* I'm siiinging in the rain... -- Sarcasmagoria

  19. Today is my day of death, the day our story begins...which I shall tell with an epic limerick. *Ahem* "There once was a dead guy from Brunnis..." -- Sarcasmagoria

  20. I love the smell of protoblood in the morning! -- Sarcasmagoria



Campaign Slogans for His Divine Shadow

  1. Hey, guys, did you know that the ladies dig the Dead? You too can be a chick magnet just like Kai! Become a Divine Assassin today, and be babe bait tomorrow! -- theFrey

  2. Vote fascist for a two-hundredth glorious decade of total law enforcement! -- Uberfrosch

  3. Hey, no people means no crime! -- Hypatia

  4. HDS - No intern scandals, unless you count killing them to feed the Gigashadow -- Hypatia

  5. HDS - Friend to necrophiliacs -- Hypatia

  6. HDS - You'd never have heard of Kai without him -- Hypatia

  7. Because thinking for yourself is overrated -- StormBorn

  8. Lust after a Divine Assassin, or get decapitated by one - the choice is yours -- StormBorn

  9. Why spoil a bad thing? -- StormBorn

  10. He's not just the best choice, he's the only choice. And we really mean that. -- StormBorn

  11. His Divine Shadow - vote for a cleansing new future! -- mellearyx

  12. His Divine Shadow -- why settle for the lesser evil? -- Sarcasmagoria



Jerry Springer-worthy Scenarios for Kai, Xev and Stan (Contributed by Poe)

  1. Kai, Xev and Stanley discuss their weird love triangle. Highlights? How Xev feels about Kai snogging Stan. -- theFrey

  2. 790 and Xev bicker over Kai. It turns nasty when 790 takes over the production manager's head set and commands him to "bitch slap" Xev. -- theFrey

  3. The KEB'ers confront the LEXX scheduling director over the Iceland shoot. -- theFrey

  4. "I'm cheating on you and I gotta confess." -- Lightning

  5. 790 and Prince reveal their love. -- Hypatia

  6. Kai could use his brace to stop the chairs people throw at the crew. -- Hypatia

  7. "Women who love 6,000 year old dead men" next on Jerry Springer. -- Hypatia

  8. "I'm a transsexual necrophiliac robot head who sells timeshare on a giant insect." -- XevZev

  9. "I am a 6,000 year old dead assassin that cheated on my robot head lover with a wrinkled security guard" -- XevZev

  10. "I slept with my friend's robot head." -- XevZev

  11. "I traded by best friend's hat for a can of hair spray." -- XevZev

  12. "I'm a lesbian in a dead man's body" -- XevZev

  13. "I'm not really an assassin - I'm a turkey masturbator!" -- XevZev

  14. "I'm my own grandpa!" -- XevZev

  15. "I know what you did last hummer!" -- XevZev

  16. "You're dark, dead and delicious - I have a secret crush on you!" -- XevZev

  17. Love triangles...790 accuses Xev of being the other woman. -- Lexxychic

  18. For Stan...I'm a sex addict, but can never get any. -- Lexxychic

  19. For Xev...Necrophilia, Women Who Love Dead Men -- Lexxychic

  20. A butt raping alien carrot is the father of my love child. -- Spacecow

  21. Stop your huffing and hussing, today we find out who's gonna get Kai's sweet lovin' -- mellearyx

  22. You may look flash, but you're still trash - stay away from my man, er, corpse! -- mellearyx

  23. "Divine Assassins and Their Mothers-in-law," next on Jerry Springer -- Sarcasmagoria

  24. Stan, even after getting so desperate that he limits his woman criteria to "willing to shag anything," decides to have himself castrated instead of sampling the toothless strippers and trailer park honeys offered by the J-Man. -- Sarcasmagoria

  25. Xev and 790 (who received a "stunt body" for the show) duke it out onscreen over Kai -- Sarcasmagoria


Nicknames for Kai (topic contributed by StormBorn)

  1. Mm, mmm good. -- Lightning

  2. Dead man of delight. -- Lightning

  3. I thought "Kai-O-Licious" was a perfect nickname. Thank you 790! -- theFrey

  4. Thud Muffin -- theFrey

  5. Killer Kai -- theFrey

  6. O Delicious Dead One -- theFrey

  7. Mine. Well, okay, at least I wish it was his nickname -- theFrey

  8. Kaisicle (yummy, sweet and cold) -- Aurora

  9. Kai Pie (for my friend ML) -- Aurora

  10. Honey Bun -- Aurora

  11. The Green-Eyed God (or is that Michael's nickname?) -- Semiramis

  12. Bunhead (and that's Mister Bun-Head to you, Stanley) -- Semiramis

  13. His Divine Gorgeousness -- Semiramis

  14. Brunnen-G Sweet Pea -- Semiramis

  15. The Raggedy Man -- Semiramis

  16. Mister Bucking Bronco (why else would he need a braid?) :::innocent look::: -- Semiramis

  17. Frozen Meat -- Semiramis

  18. An unstoppable ____-ing machine (verb supplied by mood) -- Semiramis

  19. Hunka Hunka Freezing Love -- StormBorn

  20. Cyber Crotch -- StormBorn

  21. Popsicle Tongue -- StormBorn

  22. Dead Man Walking -- StormBorn

  23. Corpsicle -- 790

  24. Divine ASS-assin -- 790

  25. Muffin du Mort -- 790

  26. The Delicious Dead -- Hypatia

  27., bad idea -- Hypatia

  28. Proto-Pumpkin -- Sarcasmagoria

  29. Amtrak, for the massive number of people he's maimed and killed (Note to offended Amtrak employees: It's a joke. Deal.) -- Sarcasmagoria

  30. Ol' Tall, Pasty and Handsome -- Sarcasmagoria

  31. Fabulous Frozen F*cktoy -- Sarcasmagoria

  32. Sexiest Man Undead (props to "People" mag. It ain't good for much else.) -- Sarcasmagoria



Things Kai Should Wear (Special Drooler Edition, Contributed by Lightning)

  1. Everybody's going to say "birthday suit," aren't they? -- StormBorn

  2. Nothin' but a loincloth and a gold armband. -- StormBorn

  3. One word: kilt! -- StormBorn

  4. Hey! What's wrong with black?! -- StormBorn

  5. A clone body, so he and 790 can "get jiggy with it." -- StormBorn

  6. Tighter pants. -- StormBorn

  7. Anything that shows off that codpiece, baby! -- StormBorn

  8. I suppose a leisure suit and sideburns are really out of the question, huh? I hope so! (Thanks for the mental image. NOT!! -- Ed.) -- StormBorn

  9. A silk poet's shirt and tight black velvet trousers and thigh-high black leather boots and...and...goddammit, I'm drooling again! (Okay, now that makes up for list item #8. Yum! -- Ed.) -- StormBorn

  10. Anything but "gangsta" jeans, puh-leeze! -- StormBorn

  11. A "Kick Me" sign on his back. Just to test his reflexes, you know. -- StormBorn

  12. A "Choose Abstinence" button? -- StormBorn

  13. Drag. What the hell, why not? -- StormBorn

  14. A bigger bun, dammit! -- StormBorn

  15. Fewer women on his lap...unless one of them's me, of course. -- StormBorn

  16. As least amount as possible. Ddrrooooooolllll! -- Lightning

  17. Nothing but swim trunks. This could be good! -- Thunder

  18. 17th century crimson velvet frock coat, heeled shoes with rosettes, knee breeches, hair in ringlets and other suitable late 17th century accessories (based on thinking that MM would be marvelously cast as Thomas Blood <grin>) -- JLS

  19. His hair. Down. -- Fireheart

  20. A thin layer of sweat. -- theFrey

  21. A different hair-do -- theFrey

  22. Much tighter clothes. -- theFrey

  23. Thin shorts and a muscle shirt. -- theFrey

  24. A fig leaf. -- theFrey

  25. His brace...and nothing else! -- Dreams Of Kai

  26. Only a thong, obviously. -- Hypatia

  27. A Hawaiian-print muu-muu. (Gah! My eyes!! -- Ed.) -- Hypatia

  28. Thodin's pink miniskirt. -- Hypatia

  29. Xev's barmaid costume (4.07) -- Hypatia

  30. Fuzzy rabbit slippers. -- Hypatia

  31. A towel. -- Aurora

  32. A RED boa. Yellow was not his color. -- Aurora

  33. Do the dead really need clothing? -- Aurora

  34. A smile. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge) -- Aurora

  35. A promotional t-shirt for the movie "Dead Man Walking." -- Aurora

  36. Anything except for that large bun on his head. How he even hold his head up is beyond me. -- Poe

  37. A fine covering of oil and glitter a la Curt Wild in "The Velvet Goldmine." -- Sarcasmagoria

  38. A tight, black mesh t-shirt, PVC pants, motorcycle boots and eyeliner. and his hair down. With crimson streaks in it and...Oh boy. Medic! :::thud::: -- Sarcasmagoria

  39. Anything easily removable. -- Sarcasmagoria

  40. Me. -- Sarcasmagoria 




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